Problem with public example in Phobos

berni44 dlang at
Wed Dec 18 08:56:54 UTC 2019

I thought it's a fast fix, just adding some documentation and a 
unittest. But when running the style checker I got into trouble. 
A shortend version of the problem:

I added the following public unittest to writeUpToNextSpec in 

     @safe unittest
         import std.array;
         auto w = appender!(char[])();

         auto f = FormatSpec("input: %10d output: %s");
         assert(f.writeUpToNextSpec(w) == true);

         assert( == "input: ");
         assert(f.spec == 'd');
         assert(f.width == 10);

         // [...]

While it works with the normal unittest test routines (make -f 
posix.mak unittest) the stylechecker complains (make -f posix.mak 

I meanwhile found out, that I have to add the template parameter 
dchar to FormatSpec, although I don't understand why. (I know, 
that these tests should work, when they are put into a separate 
file. But I do not understand why the original version doesn't 
work there.)

But more problematic: When I add this templete parameter, I still 
get an error from the style checker, this time it's a linker 
problem, and I'm completely lost here. The error does not occure 
when checking std.format, but when checking std.package:

parsing std/package.d
/usr/bin/ld: std_package.o: in function 
__main.d:(.text._D3std6format__T10FormatSpecTaZQp22__unittest_L1237_C11_1FNaNfZv[_D3std6format__T10FormatSpecTaZQp22__unittest_L1237_C11_1FNaNfZv]+0x17): undefined reference to `_D3std6format__T10FormatSpecTwZQp6__initZ'
__main.d:(.text._D3std6format__T10FormatSpecTaZQp22__unittest_L1237_C11_1FNaNfZv[_D3std6format__T10FormatSpecTaZQp22__unittest_L1237_C11_1FNaNfZv]+0x38): undefined reference to `_D3std6format__T10FormatSpecTwZQp6__ctorMFNaNbNcNiNfxAwZSQCdQCc__TQByTwZQCe'
/usr/bin/ld: std_package.o: in function 
__main.d:(.text._D3std6format__T10FormatSpecTwZQp__T17writeUpToNextSpecTSQCd5array__T8AppenderTAaZQnZQBxMFNaNlNfKQBpZb[_D3std6format__T10FormatSpecTwZQp__T17writeUpToNextSpecTSQCd5array__T8AppenderTAaZQnZQBxMFNaNlNfKQBpZb]+0x15a): undefined reference to `_D3std6format__T10FormatSpecTwZQp6fillUpMFNaNlNfZv'

What do I miss?

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