unicode characters are not printed correctly on the windows command line?

Symphony a at a.a
Mon Dec 23 04:53:53 UTC 2019

On Sunday, 22 December 2019 at 22:47:43 UTC, Steven Schveighoffer 
> To fix Phobos, we just(!) need to remove libc as the underlying 
> stream implementation.
> I had at one point agreement from Walter to make a 
> "backwards-compatible-ish" mechanism for file/streams. But it's 
> not pretty, and was convoluted. At the time, I was struggling 
> getting what would become iopipe to be usable on its own, and I 
> eventually quit worrying about that aspect of it.
> We have the basic building blocks with 
> https://github.com/MartinNowak/io and 
> https://github.com/schveiguy/iopipe. It would be cool to get 
> this into Phobos, but it's a lot of work.
> I bet Rust just skips libc altogether.
> -Steve
I don't have the ingenuity, intelligence, nor experience that 
many of you possess, but I have *a lot* of time on my hands for 
something like this. I assume I should start with std.stdio's 
source code and the aforementioned projects' source code, but 
some guidance on this would be very helpful, if not needed. D has 
been quite useful to me since I stumbled upon it, and I think 
it's time to give back in some way. (I'd do it financially, but 
I'm poor, haha) Anyway, if anybody wants to take me up on this 
offer, just let me know!

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