Concatenation/joining strings together in a more readable way

mipri mipri at
Wed Dec 25 13:07:44 UTC 2019

On Wednesday, 25 December 2019 at 12:39:08 UTC, BoQsc wrote:
> Are there any other ways to join two strings without Tilde ~
> character?
> I can't seems to find anything about Tilde character 
> concatenation easily, nor the alternatives to it. Can someone
> share some knowledge on this or at least point out useful
> links/resources?


For clarity I'm going to respond to some potential rewrites of
your question.

> I don't think "foo" ~ "bar" is very readable. Can I use a
> different syntax?

No. That's the syntax. Even if you customize it in your own
code, by overloading addition or the like, you'll still come
across it in other people's code. So I can only recommend that
you find some way to make it readable for you. Maybe use a
different or larger font? Maybe just get more familiar with it?

I don't think the syntax is likely to change.

> Where can I find documentation for the ~ operator?

It's under 'expressions' in the spec:

> Is ~ the best way to join strings together? Can I use
> something else?

You can use it to join arrays in general, including strings.
Depending on your use case you might prefer joiner()

in usage like

   assert(["many", "strings"].joiner("").array == "manystrings");

Or Appender, for many mutating appends to the same array:

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