crashing with no stack trace, why?

DanielG simpletangent at
Fri Feb 1 22:48:05 UTC 2019

On Friday, 1 February 2019 at 09:00:32 UTC, JN wrote:
> For Windows, you can try VisualD and VSCode with C++ debugger.

I tried both of those but neither seemed to work out of the gate. 
I didn't take notes but my vague memory is that VisualD wasn't 
picking up some local dub dependecies and/or something to do with 
32-bit COFF linkage, and VSCode seemed to be trying to debug but 
it wouldn't show me a stack trace of my own code, just telling me 
it didn't have symbols for some Windows kernel DLL.

I definitely need to sit down with one or both of those to 
understand how to get them to work in the future, because I lost 
way too much time to such a small issue!

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