Setup help?

Charles charles.joseph.smith at
Wed Feb 6 23:59:07 UTC 2019

Does anyone know of a video that shows setting up vscode (or 
another editor with debugging support)? I always feel like I miss 
a step when I decide to try D out again, and it never ends well.

I don't use C++, and I do use Windows, which has me wondering if 
I'm just missing some normal/exepcted configuration.

My most recent attempt I tried to get Native Debug to make VS 
Code debugging stop on the first line. Instead, it just runs the 
program, and exits.

Debug console output:

     No symbol table is loaded.  Use the "file" command.
     Running executable
     [New Thread 10256.0x23d8]
     [New Thread 10256.0x2d30]
     [New Thread 10256.0xebc]
     [New Thread 10256.0x19f4]
     Edit source/app.d to start your project.
     [Thread 10256.0xebc exited with code 0]
     [Thread 10256.0x2d30 exited with code 0]
     [Thread 10256.0x19f4 exited with code 0]


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