Where to start with SafeD?

solidstate1991 laszloszeremi at outlook.com
Wed Feb 13 22:29:18 UTC 2019

When I tried to apply to a position at Symmetry, I've got a 
criticism from Atila Neves that some of my code relied too much 
on memcpy, thus making it unsafe. After digging into std.array, I 
found some function that could possibly replace it to emulate 
writing in the middle of a file, but at least for VFile, I need 
some type agnostic solution. I don't think it would be an easy 
task to make CPUBLiT safe, unless I write a high-level wrapper 
for it that works with either array slices and/or on a per-image 
basis, but I don't have a need for such thing at the moment.

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