Should D file end with newline?

sarn sarn at
Sat Feb 16 22:04:46 UTC 2019

On Friday, 15 February 2019 at 13:14:47 UTC, Patrick Schluter 
> A lots of fgets() based tools on Unix systems fail to read the 
> last line if it doesn't contain a line feed character at the 
> end. Afaicr glibc implementation does not have that problem but 
> a lot of other standard C libs do.
> When we were still on Solaris we had to be very careful with 
> that, as strange things could happen when using sed, awk, wc 
> and a lot of other standard Unix commands.
> Now that we have switched to Linux we don't have the issue 
> anymore.

That makes sense.  I guess I'm spoiled by GNU.

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