What's wrong with this template function?

Machine Code jckj33 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 18:49:01 UTC 2019

I wrote a small routine to return the first member of type T of a 
same type, like struct below, but the assert is reached albeit 
the "yes" message is printed. What am I missing? should I use 
something else than return keyword to return from a template 
function or what?

struct Color
	enum red = Color("red", 30);
	enum blue = Color("blue", 40);
	enum green = Color("green");

	string name;
	int value;
	alias value this;

the routine:

T first(T)()
	import std.string : format;
	pragma(msg, format!"types = %s"([__traits(derivedMembers, T)]));
	static foreach(field; [__traits(derivedMembers, T)])
		// exit on first match
		pragma(msg, format!"member %s"(field));
		static if(is(typeof(__traits(getMember, T, field)) == T))
			pragma(msg, "yes");
			return __traits(getMember, T, field);
			pragma(msg, "no");
	import std.string : format;
	static assert(0,
		format!"no first member of type %s found"(T.stringof));

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