Generating API documention

Anonymouse asdf at
Thu Jan 10 08:50:27 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 10 January 2019 at 07:04:52 UTC, George wrote:
> What do people use to generate nice looking and simple html 
> documentation for their projects? I would be glad (and if 
> possible), someone could share some actual instructions rather 
> than just tell me ddoc. For example I have seen the libmir 
> ( and I would love 
> to generate something similar for a project I am working on.
> Thank you and best wishes.
> George

It's not amazing, but scod and ddox is dead simple.

On phone so can't format nicely, but to your dub.json:

     "-ddoxTool" : "scod"

Then just dub build -ddox and it will generate a docs/ directory. 
I use GitHub pages to host mine, automatically generated and 
uploaded by Travis-CI on pushes.

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