How can I express the type of a function in D?

Ali Çehreli acehreli at
Wed Jan 30 09:42:54 UTC 2019

On 01/29/2019 09:14 PM, Sobaya wrote:
> I want to get a mangled name of a D function by `core.demangle.mangle`, 
> but I'm in trouble because there are no ways to express a type of a 
> function, which is used for a template argument of `mangle`.
> For example, it is wrong to use the type `int function(int,int)` to 
> express the type of `int add(int,int)`.
> Because it expresses the type of a function POINTER, not just a function.
> The fuction name in a binary compiled this function is "_D3addFiiZi", 
> but `mangle!(int function(int,int))("add")` returns "_D3addPFiiZi", 
> which includes "P" meaning POINTER.
> How can I get the former one?
> Thanks.

typeof works:

import core.demangle;

int add(int, int);

void main() {
   alias F = typeof(add);
   pragma(msg, mangle!F("add"));


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