Newbie linker errors - still missing _fltused _tls_index _tls_used localtime tzset mainCRTStartup

malpropism propellerhead at nonexistent.con
Sat Sep 7 22:30:55 UTC 2019

I just ported my Java application to D, got it to compile, but 
not to link.

I'm using Windows 10 64 bit, DMD 2.088.0 , Visual D 0.50.1.  This 
would be a C/C++ project in Visual Studio with only D code.

With my first attempt, I'm missing 65 externals, 328 errors.

I added these two files


to the Additional Dependencies in the linker property pages and 
have my missing external count down to 6, 70 errors.

I'm missing the following 6 symbols:

_fltused _tls_index _tls_used localtime tzset mainCRTStartup

What other libs would I need to add to the linker's additional 

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