Looking for a Simple Doubly Linked List Implementation

ag0aep6g anonymous at example.com
Sat Sep 21 08:49:48 UTC 2019

On 21.09.19 10:34, Ron Tarrant wrote:
> Here's a question for the room:
> Does a doubly-linked list always have to be done with structs? Can it be 
> classes instead? (Maybe that's why I can't get it to work, because I've 
> been trying to make an OOP version?)

It can be done with classes.

> When I run the following code, it gets through creating the list head 
> and the first node, then seems to get stuck in an infinite loop. Here's 
> the code:
> class Tab
> {
>      Tab* _prev = null, _next = null;
>      Tab* getNext()
>      Tab* getPrev()
>      void setNext(Tab* tab)
>      void setPrev(Tab* tab)
> } // class Tab

Your mistake is that you're using pointers. `Tab` is a class. That means 
values of the type are already references. There is no need for `Tab*`. 
Just use `Tab` wherever you have `Tab*` now, and get rid of any addr-ofs 
(`&foo`) and dereferendces (`*bar`) you have.

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