Cross module inline, LDC, dub dependencies.

NaN divide at
Sun Apr 5 22:53:32 UTC 2020

OK so I am using the intel intrinsics library, I ws just copying 
it into my source tree. So in the interests of automation I added 
it as a dependency in dub, but now my code is anywhere up to 3 
times slower. So I figure maybe as its being compiled as a 
library, it's not getting inlined because i remember something 
about LDC not doing cross module inlining unless you tell it to.. 
So I pass "-enable-cross-module-inlining" to LDC, and then I get 

source\dg2d\misc.d(11,15): Error: module `inteli` is in file 
'inteli.d' which cannot be read

so i'm guessing LDC needs the source file to do the cross module 

Any ideas what I should do?

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