.get refuses to work on associative array

p.shkadzko p.shkadzko at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 21:46:58 UTC 2020

I am quite confused by the following exception during dub build:

> dub build --single demo.d --compiler=ldc2 --force
Performing "debug" build using ldc2 for x86_64.
demo ~master: building configuration "application"...
demo.d(221,20): Error: template object.get cannot deduce function 
from argument types !()(double[string], string, string), 
candidates are:
  get(K, V)(inout(V[K]) aa, K key, lazy inout(V) defaultValue)
  get(K, V)(inout(V[K])* aa, K key, lazy inout(V) defaultValue)

The code that causes it:

void main(string[] args) {

     double[string] scores = calculateScores("test.txt");
     double score = scores.get("hello", 0.0); // <-- exception

It works if I just do "double score = scores["hello"];"
Both dmd and ldc2 throw this exception.
Is it a bug?

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