Dub can't find and download packages

vanaur cfcr at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 17:32:49 UTC 2020


I'm starting to use D, and therefore Dub.
I didn't find a more suitable category than this one in the forum 
to ask my question, I'm sorry if it is not the most suitable.

My concern is thus the following: I can't add packages to my 
project, Dub warns me that they are not available.
For the example, I try to add this dependency 
(https://code.dlang.org/packages/pegged) with the following 
command:  dub add pegged . Dub then returns an error:

> Failed to get versions for package pegged on provider registry 
> at https://code.dlang.org/ (fallbacks registry at 
> https://codemirror.dlang.org/, registry at 
> https://dub.bytecraft.nl/, registry at 
> https://code-mirror.dlang.io/): Failed to download 
> https://code.dlang.org/api/packages/infos?packages=%5B%22pegged%22%5D&include_dependencies=true&minimize=true
> Could not find package 'pegged'.

My project was initialized correctly with Dub (dub init... + the 
whole procedure). I also tried to add the dependency manually, in 

   dependency "pegged" version="~>0.4.2"

But it doesn't change anything.
Why doesn't it work? What do I need to do to get Dub to download 
and add dependencies?

Thanks in advance.

PS: how do you write blocks of code and insert links in forum 
posts? I've tried the makefile syntax, but it doesn't work. 
Thanks too!

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