BetterC Bug? Intended Behavior? Asking Here As Unsure

Steven Schveighoffer schveiguy at
Tue Jul 7 12:26:26 UTC 2020

On 7/6/20 5:09 PM, kinke wrote:
> On Monday, 6 July 2020 at 20:25:11 UTC, Kayomn wrote:
>> Though, admittedly I'm kind of used to seeing this error message since 
>> it appears any time you try and do something that relies on type info 
>> in betterC, intentionally or not. A notable example is forgetting to 
>> supply an arrange length when declaring a stack array, or it'll try to 
>> create a runtime-allocated array.
> Similar case here; the 'varargs' end up in a GC-allocated array. I've 
> recently changed `scope` slice params, so that array literal arguments 
> are allocated on the caller's stack instead; so adding `scope` for these 
> variadics *should* probably do the same:
> void tester(Test test, scope Test[] tests...);

Note that without the initial parameter, or without the destructor, they 
do NOT end up on the heap.

I think this is a bug, and not a "feature". I can't see any reason why 
in those two cases it can construct it on the stack, and in this case it 

Note that I was under the impression that a Typesafe Variadic would 
always be on the stack. Reading the spec, it says it "may" put it on the 
stack, which makes me like those types of functions a lot less. Is there 
any reason a Typesafe Variadic function called with individual values 
cannot be required to put the values on the stack?


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