vibe.d and my first web service

Mr. Backup goldnuget at
Sat Jul 18 09:10:04 UTC 2020


I wanted to create simple web service to start learning more 
about D lang and compare with another languages. I have used "dub 
init -t vibe.d" to create basic example:

import vibe.vibe;

void main()
	auto settings = new HTTPServerSettings;
	settings.port = 8080;
	settings.bindAddresses = ["::1", ""];
	listenHTTP(settings, &hello);

	logInfo("Please open in your browser.");

void hello(HTTPServerRequest req, HTTPServerResponse res)
	res.writeBody("Hello, World!");

I started the program with "dub" command and everything worked as 
I expected. Except that there were a lot "deprecation" warnings 
and long time to compile.But when I exit the service by ctrl + c 
and start again the program cannot start again with error message:

Failed to listen on ::1:8080
Failed to listen on
Failed to listen for incoming HTTP connections on any of the 
supplied interfaces.


leaking eventcore driver because there are still active handles

Probably the application was terminated incorrectly. What should 
I do to ensure that the application closes properly?

Thank you in advance

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