My RPN calculator code review?

Dukc ajieskola at
Sat Jul 18 16:18:01 UTC 2020

On Friday, 17 July 2020 at 21:37:46 UTC, AB wrote:
> I'd appreciate your opinions regarding style, mistakes/code 
> smell/bad practice. Thank you.

In a project this small, implementability (meaning, ease of 
writing) is really the main guideline, readability is a 
non-issue. When your codebase hits a few hundred lines in size 
you should start to gradually pay more attention to 

In fact, things that are recommended in 2000-line projects may 
even be antipatterns in 100-line projects. For example, unit 
testing greatly reduces bugs, so it's highly recommended in 
general. But if your project is so small that normal manual 
testing covers most everything anyway, unit testing is just 
needless bloat.

A github gist might be better when doing style reviews, because 
the forum snippets tend to have wandering indentation and line 

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