Accurately serializing and deserializing a SysTime in binary format

Ecstatic Coder ecstatic.coder at
Tue Jul 21 10:53:17 UTC 2020

As my question obviously didn't interest any expert, I took 
advantage of my lunch break to do some more research ;)

Maybe I'm wrong, but to my knowledge, there is no function to get 
the number of hectonanoseconds since January 1, 1970.

Fortunately I can get the number of seconds since the same date, 
and the number of remaining hectonanoseconds, and then use them 
in conjunction to create a new "SysTime".

With that I've got everything needed to fix my problem, and as I 
can store those values as two independent "uint", it's easy to 
compress them in the snapshot file, so no regrets :)

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