miscellaneous array questions...

wjoe invalid at example.com
Tue Jul 21 11:48:27 UTC 2020

On Monday, 20 July 2020 at 22:05:35 UTC, WhatMeWorry wrote:
> 2) "The total size of a static array cannot exceed 16Mb" What 
> limits this? And with modern systems of 16GB and 32GB, isn't 
> 16Mb excessively small?   (an aside: shouldn't that be 16MB in 
> the reference instead of 16Mb? that is, Doesn't b = bits and B 
> = bytes)

Static arrays are passed by value.

(Also I think you're right about Mb vs MB except it should be 
MiB. 1MB = 1000^2 (decimal) and 1MiB = 1024^2 (binary).
Note that MB is defined 1024^2 in JEDEC 100B.01 but, IMO, ISO 
standard is superior because it's unambiguous and JEDEC only 
defines units up to GB (inclusive))

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