Accurately serializing and deserializing a SysTime in binary format

drug drug2004 at
Tue Jul 21 12:08:56 UTC 2020

On 7/21/20 2:44 PM, Ecstatic Coder wrote:
> Ah thanks for telling me :)
> The loaded byte array in the union type was indeed the same as the saved 
> one, so I immediately thought it was crashing because of some hidden 
> pointer for timezone or something which was then pointing to garbage at 
> reloading, causing the crash of the ".toISOString" call.

Ah, sorry, I serialize exactly long value and use it as SysTime, for 
struct Foo
	long value;

	void toString(Writer)(ref Writer w) const
		if (isOutputRange!(Writer, char))
		import std.datetime: SysTime;


So it is not exactly what you said

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