Static link of glfw3 library fails for me

John Burton john.burton at
Sun Jul 26 08:28:29 UTC 2020

I'm trying to replicate a program I make in C++ using D.
I am using the ldc2 compiler and want to *static* link in the 
glfw library.
Following the docs I have an dub.sdl file that looks like the one 

The library I'm linking with is the vs2019 one from the GLFW zip 
file from
their website. My program isn't work showing, it just calls 
glfwInit, creates a
windows, and does a basic event loop. (This is a simplified test 
made when
I couldn't get my real program to link)

However I get link errors shown below.

Am I doing this wrong?
Am I using the wrong library to link with? (And if so which 
should I use).
Am I missing any options etc?
Or will this just not work with ldc2?

Thanks for any help!

My dub.sdl file looks like this :-

name "game"
description "Test Project"
authors "Me"
copyright "Copyright © 2020, Me"
license "proprietary"
dependency "bindbc-glfw" version="~>0.10.0"
versions "BindGLFW_Static"
libs "glfw3"
lflags "-L..\\work\\3rdparty\\lib"

And I get the following errors from the link :-

lld-link: error: undefined symbol: __GSHandlerCheck
lld-link: error: undefined symbol: __security_check_cookie
lld-link: error: undefined symbol: __security_cookie

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