Using D within a rust codebase

Jacob Carlborg doob at
Tue Jul 28 19:07:49 UTC 2020

On 2020-07-27 13:43, Ali Çehreli wrote:

> They should be taken care of when the program is linked with a D compiler.

Just linking with a D compiler is not sufficient. There needs to be a D 
main function for the runtime to automatically be initialized. If you 
make the D code a bit more complicated, for example:

static this()
     import std.stdio: writeln;
     writeln("static this");

Then that won't be printed without a D main function or manually 
initializing the runtime.

The initial question was about linking D code into an already existing 
Rust code base. I don't think the first thing to try is to replace the 
Rust main function with a D main function.

/Jacob Carlborg

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