dub build to generate different kinds of libs

Andre Pany andre at s-e-a-p.de
Wed Jul 29 18:33:17 UTC 2020

On Wednesday, 29 July 2020 at 17:42:20 UTC, jeff thompson wrote:
> On Wednesday, 29 July 2020 at 13:26:45 UTC, Andre Pany wrote:
>> On Tuesday, 28 July 2020 at 22:10:58 UTC, jeff thompson wrote:
>>> On Tuesday, 28 July 2020 at 22:08:14 UTC, Steven 
>>> Schveighoffer wrote:
>>>> [...]
>>> Thanks Steve!, ya i know i can call build twice but i was 
>>> wondering if there was any config magic for dub to make it 
>>> output multiple library types in one call to build
>> As far as I remember if you set the targetType of the main 
>> package to none it build all the sub packages in one call. 
>> Therefore you have 2 sub packages instead of 2 configurations.
>> But I have to say I have never done it myself, but just saw 
>> the pr which should implement this behavior.
>> Kind regards
>> Andre
> Awesome, cant wait to get that ability, as far as my issue i 
> was being a D newb and was setting everything up incorrectly. 
> Im all good now. Thanks
> -J

Here the example from the dub repository

Kind regards

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