An struct copy constructor that can cope with an AA?

mark mark at
Mon Mar 9 13:23:19 UTC 2020

I have this struct:

struct Deb {
     string name;
     Unit[string] tags; // set of tags

     Deb copy() const {
         Deb deb;
         foreach (key, value; tags) // XXX
             deb.tags[key] = value;
         return deb;

     void clear() {
         name = "";


I am populating an AA with these structs:

Deb[string] debForName;

I'm using this approach (pseudo-code):

Deb deb;
foreach (datum; data) {
     populateDeb(datum, deb);
     debForName[] = deb.copy; // YYY

(1) XXX Is there a nicer way to copy an AA?
(2) YYY Is there a nicer way to copy a struct? Use a copy 
constructor or implement a dup or idup?

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