What is the wrong with my C++ interfacing

drug drug2004 at bk.ru
Mon Mar 16 09:28:15 UTC 2020

On 3/16/20 12:24 PM, Ferhat Kurtulmuş wrote:
> Ok, here is a solution. I opened my lib (yielded by my auxilary cpp) 
> using 7zip. There are two files containing symbol names, 1.txt and 
> 2.txt. I searched for names of member functions. They were not there 
> because c++ compiler does not compile member functions of class 
> templates because we don't actually use them. So, I simply include this 
> line in my aux cpp file and recompiled it:
> template class cv::Size_<int>;
> I reopened 1.txt and they are there now:
> ?area@?$Size_ at H@cv@@QEBAHXZ
> ?aspectRatio@?$Size_ at H@cv@@QEBANXZ
> now everything works :D

Would be nice if you update wiki ;)

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