Why can meson find hunt-net but not hunt-proton in dependency resolution?

YD diyu60607 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 31 19:51:31 UTC 2020

Hi, I am trying to use Meson, and I did the followings to get dub 

    dub fetch hunt-net
    dub fetch hunt-proton
    dub build hunt-net
    dub build hunt-proton

when I have this line in my meson.build file:

    dependency('hunt-net', method: 'dub')

It works fine:

    Run-time dependency hunt-net found: YES 0.4.6

But when I change it to

    dependency('hunt-proton', method: 'dub')

It simply says:

    Run-time dependency hunt-proton found: NO
    ... ERROR: Dependency "hunt-proton" not found

And when I looked at meson-log.txt, I couldn't find any clue on 
why that happens:

     Determining dependency 'hunt-proton' with DUB executable 
     Run-time dependency hunt-proton found: NO

So I completely cannot figure out why hunt-net is resolvable but 
hunt-proton is not. Can anyone help me understand how meson 
resolves these dependencies? Thanks!

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