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Robert M. Münch robert.muench at
Thu Oct 1 06:32:23 UTC 2020

Hi, we are currently using vibe.d for a prototype and I want to post some
experiences. I know one shouldn't only address the problems but provide some

However, our current use-case is that we want to get a job done, and not
creating a web-framework. 

1. For many things the docs are missing, or inconsistent, or wrong. So, it's
pretty hard to make your way through it. Or you just start reading the code
and reverse engineer vibe. => We are waisting a lot of time.

2. There are many inconsistencies / half-done implementations in vibe. Again,
this makes it hard to find out what works, what doesn't or which parts behave
differently. => Costs a lot of time.

3. Vibe can't handle GET & POST on the same URL... and the bad thing is, the
later route will just be ignored, so you don't get any hint or crash. The docs
don't mention this clearly. => We waisted a lot of time to find out, that this
doesn't work.

4. Vide uses an own JSON type, not the standard one. We don't understand why,
this just makes things much more complicated and one has to mess around with

5. One can't access the raw HTTP request body, things must be go through
Vibe's JSON parser. To get access to the raw body, a lot of workarounds are

So, overall... compared to other web-frameworks we know, there are many
pitfalls which just cost a lot of time... We think it's a good base, but there
needs to be much less magic, much better docs, much less complexity.

Robert M. Münch
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