Whats going on with this?

claptrap clap at trap.com
Fri Oct 2 23:28:04 UTC 2020

import std;

import std.stdio;

struct Foo
     int a = 0, b = 0;

     this(int[2] vars)
         this.a = vars[0];
         this.b = vars[1];
     //    writeln("constructor called");


Foo foo = [300,300];

void main()

Compiles and works OK. I cant see anything in the struct docs 
explaining why that array on the right hand side is automatically 
converted to a constructor call.

Weird thing is if you un-comment the writeln in the constructor 
it wont compile. You get this...

/dlang/dmd/linux/bin64/../../src/phobos/std/stdio.d(4839): Error: 
variable impl cannot be modified at compile time
called from here: makeGlobal()
called from here: trustedStdout()
onlineapp.d(13):        called from here: writeln("constructor 
onlineapp.d(18):        called from here: Foo(0, 0).this([300, 

How ever if you move Point foo declaration into the main function 
it works OK.

What exactly is going on? I mean it looks like the Foo is default 
constructed and then constructed on top with a call to the arary 
constructor? But why?

Why would putting in the writeln cause it to fail? Is it maybe 
trying to create the foo at compile time?

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