any chance to get it working on windows xp?

Drone1h DoctorNoobingstoneIPresume at
Sat Oct 3 23:14:57 UTC 2020

On Monday, 18 May 2020 at 05:36:01 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
> [...]
> Unfortunately, the minimum Windows version "officially" 
> supported is Windows 7:
> With no testing on XP, you are bound to run into difficulties 
> trying to use the tools there. So yeah, your best bet is using 
> a compiler version that works and see if building dub from 
> source makes a difference. If you can't get dub to work, then 
> you'll want to look into using rdmd, which has shipped with dmd 
> for years now, or perhaps makefiles.
> [...]

This is not exactly a reply to the original thread, but maybe it 
helps someone who has searched for "Windows XP" in the forum and 
found this discussion.

For version 2.094, dmd.exe and dub.exe require Windows Vista or 
Windows 7 or newer.

We can make these tools support Windows XP (and possibly Windows 
2000 too) by patching them as follows:

- at offset 148h (offset 40h from the "PE" signature), we change 
06h to 05h;
- at offset 150h (offset 48h from the "PE" signature), we change 
06h to 05h;
- in both dmd.exe and dub.exe.

(This support has not been thoroughly tested, but I seem to be 
able to build and run simple applications using Windows XP.)

lld-link.exe also requires Windows Vista or 7 or newer, but I am 
too noob to make it support Windows XP.

ddemangle.exe, dustmite.exe, libcurl.dll, optlink.exe and 
rdmd.exe all support older versions of Windows (at least, they 
support Windows XP).

(All the .exe files mentioned above are the 32-bit ones located 
in the "windows\bin" subfolder, not the 64-bit ones located in 
the "windows\bin64" subfolder etc.)

Good luck ! (Contact: DoctorNoobingstoneIPresume at gmail dot com)

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