How to rebind the default tkd GUI keybinds?

tastyminerals tastyminerals at
Sun Oct 11 18:51:17 UTC 2020

Tk default keys are somewhat different from what we used to use 
for selecting, copying and pasting the text. So, any Tk based GUI 
app starts with writing the rebinding function for "ctrl+a", 
"ctrl+c", "ctrl+x" and "ctrl+v" keys, at least. I did it when 
writing TkInter based apps in Python. Today I am trying out tkd 
and want to do the same. However, it doesn't work :(

For example:

private void selectText(CommandArgs args) {

this._loginFrame = new Frame(2, ReliefStyle.groove);
this._clientId = new Entry(loginFrame).grid(1, 0);
this._clientId.bind("<Control-a>", &selectText);

It works if I change "<Control-a>" to "<Control-o>" for example.
But how do I overwrite the actual "<Control-a>" key in tkd?

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