Passing pointer to extern(C++) templated function

Jamie email at
Wed Oct 14 00:36:10 UTC 2020

On Tuesday, 13 October 2020 at 23:39:38 UTC, Ali Çehreli wrote:
> On 10/13/20 4:11 PM, James Blachly wrote:
>> On 10/13/20 5:23 AM, Jamie wrote:
> I think the issue is with D's "turtles all the way down" style 
> const. My workaround would be to define wrapper functions that 
> may need to do casting on one or the other side.
> Ali

Why would the 'turtles all the way down' change function 
arguments? They are on the same 'level' whereas I took the 
transitive const to be applied through different depths in 
functions / classes etc.

Thanks for the suggestion, my current work around is to just 
remove the const but casting sounds a bit safer.

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