Compiler is calling `_memset64` in betterC

Neto business.mongol2525 at
Sun Oct 18 17:05:01 UTC 2020

On Sunday, 18 October 2020 at 16:12:59 UTC, Paul Backus wrote:
> On Sunday, 18 October 2020 at 16:04:55 UTC, Koro wrote:
>> I'm writing a 'betterC' program and the compiler is generating 
>> a call to '_memset64' if I have an array literal where the 
>> elements are the same.
> It's a known bug:
> My guess is that the reason it hasn't been fixed is that (a) 
> it's possible to work around it, and (b) the problem is in the 
> compiler backend, and few people understand that code well 
> enough to fix it.

I plan to start a project in reasonable size, I wonder if I 
should really use betterC... if I encounter a bug like this, will 
I be stuck at it?

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