Getting Qte5 to work

Josh Dredge josh.dredge at
Tue Oct 27 11:46:02 UTC 2020

Hi all, I'm completely new to D and while I'm not new to 
programming in general, I mostly do web development, and what 
desktop development I've done has all been with easy 
drag-and-drop GUI builders - so Visual Basic, C# and J# (if that 
doesn't date me). I'm trying to experiment in new languages, but 
it's shocking to me how few just don't have GUI builders.

I'm looking at learning D, but would like to stick with what I 
know on desktop in terms of event-driven GUI based applications.

I have Visual D installed, as well as QtCreator and was hoping to 
be able to use Qt with D. I'm happy without any GUI builder for 
now, but still need a working GUI library! Qte5 looks fine but 
need to figure out how to implement it.

I've installed D in "C:\D" (Windows 10 x64).
I've installed Qte5 in "C:\D\Qte5".

Quite simply typing "import Qte5;" into the code doesn't work 
(module not found), and I'm not sure how to make sure the library 
is correctly installed and reference. Is there a setup guide? I 
found one on Youtube but it didn't really explain anything. 
What's the way to do it?

Or any other GUI libraries with examples and set up guides?


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