Install multiple executables with DUB

glis-glis andreas.fueglistaler at
Thu Sep 3 08:22:25 UTC 2020


I have a few modules for parsing different file formats and a 
folder with d-scripts using these parsers to perform 
manipulations, extract information, ...

Until now, I just added
#!/usr/bin/env rdmd

to the d-scripts and run them that way, but I'd like to make the 
scripts available to my collaborators without them being required 
to install dmd & co, so I'll have to compile the scripts.

I usually would just write a makefile for that, but I thought I'd 
give DUB a go. Unfortunately, the DUB-documentation is a little 
thin and I cannot find a way to tell DUB
"compile all the files in the scripts folder and put the binary 
to the bin folder". How do I do that?


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