Install multiple executables with DUB

glis-glis andreas.fueglistaler at
Tue Sep 8 08:41:24 UTC 2020

Thanks everybody!

My folder structure looks like this:
├── bin
├── dub.sdl
├── src
│   ├── biophysics
│   │   └── ...
│   └── tools
│   │   └── ...
└── test
     ├── ...

Following the advice of drug, I moved the "tools" folder from src 
to the parent directory, added a dependency to "biophysics" with 
path ".." and build the binaries with  "dub build --single 

This works fine, however, now I have a problem when editing with 
Emacs: Flycheck gives errors as it cannot find my package anymore 
and company autocomplete does not work anymore neither.
By the way, I have the same problem when I clone tsv-utils and 
open the source file with Emacs. I have to admit I am using 
emacs' d-mode as a black-box since there seems to be no 
documentation, and I am not very fluent in elisp...

I tried keeping the tools folder in src and added the following 
line to dub.sdl:
`excludedSourceFiles "./src/tools/*.d"`
however, this does not seem to make any difference.

A solution that works is putting dub.sdl into src, adding
`sourcePaths "biophysics"`,
however, "dub build --single" is only working in the src-folder 
and not the parent folder...

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