Is it possible to "overload" based on visibility?

aliak something at
Wed Sep 23 19:26:43 UTC 2020

On Wednesday, 23 September 2020 at 18:38:53 UTC, 60rntogo wrote:
> There are really two questions here, one that I intended to ask 
> and one that came out while I was trying to figure out the 
> answer. Consider this simple code:
> [...]

Yeah, you can make a property setter:

private void x(int newValue) { _x = newValue }

> 2. Is the behavior that allows me to call the private method 
> intended? This is such a blatant violation of encapsulation 
> that it feels like a bug either in the language or the 
> implementation.

Definitely sounds like a bug! Feels like this has got to be a 
regression because I just tried this:

struct Foo {
     private void f() {}
     void f(int i) {}

And Foo.f() is callable from outside the module:

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