Robert Aron aronrobert293 at
Tue Sep 29 15:38:43 UTC 2020


I am currently working on "D Language Client Libraries for Google 
APIs" project[0][1].
The first step was to familiarize myself with protobuf and to 
generate client library for cloud/vision using python plugin with 
Today I generated the same library with protobuf-d[2]. When I 
tried to translate this example[3] from python to D, I noticed 
that some pieces of code are missing from the D generated 
library, for example the ImageAnnotatorClient class(or struct) (I 
could not found it anywhere in the generated code).

Here is the command that I used to generate the client library:

protoc path/to/cloud/vision/proto/files
--proto_path=path/to/common/api/protos --proto-path=.
--plugin=path/to/protobuf-d --d_opt=message-as-struct

Is that ok? Does it work as it should?
Also I read here[4] that the C++ generator defines some default 
Wasn't the proto-gen-d supposed to do the same?



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