Deprecation in traits

Basile B. b2.temp at
Wed Sep 30 18:18:48 UTC 2020

On Tuesday, 29 September 2020 at 17:08:40 UTC, Frak wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've this:
> /Users/frak/dlang/ldc-1.23.0/bin/../import/std/traits.d(3711): 
> Deprecation: function 
> `std.typecons.Nullable!long.Nullable.get_` is deprecated - 
> Implicit conversion with `alias Nullable.get this` will be 
> removed after 2.096. Please use `.get` explicitly.
> I'm trying to find out WHERE this is generated to fix it, 
> dependency included, without success.
> Suggestions?

The problem has been observed already and it is an official 
enhancement request [1].
I think it is legit because deprecation are sometimes used to 
help into refactoring, so to have the use site is a essential.


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