sleeping vs sched_yield

Chris Katko ckatko at
Thu Dec 2 23:29:17 UTC 2021


   import core.thread;
   Thread.sleep( dur!("msecs")(10) );

but what if you want to simply yield all remaining time back to 
the time scheduler?

Is there a D std.library accessible version of POSIX sched_yield:

It seems I can (thanks to the amazing work of D community) simply 

extern(C) int sched_yield(void);  // #include <sched.h>

however, how does the linker know I need <sched.h> and not some 
local library, or SDL library, or SDL2.0 library, etc. Shouldn't 
I be specifying the library somewhere?

Side side question: The above line fails to compile as-is because 
it has (void) instead of ().

source/app.d(226,16): Error: cannot have parameter of type `void`

Should that be corrected in the compiler? Shouldn't () and (void) 
be interchangeable as long as you're not doing void*?

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