Struct fields and properties as alias members

Ben Jones fake at fake.fake
Wed Dec 8 17:19:32 UTC 2021

I'm trying to use a property member of a struct as a template 
alias parameter and I don't really understand how to fix the 
error message I'm seeing (I also tried the simpler case of a 
plain struct member, and that didn't work either).  Is what I'm 
trying to do possible?  It seems like maybe I'd have to pass s as 
a runtime parameter to get it to work?

import std.stdio;

struct S{
     int a = 1;
     int b = 2;

     @property int c(){ return a; }
     @property int c(int newc) { a = newc; return a;}

void func(alias field)(){
         field = 5;
void main(){
     S s;

Runnable link here:

onlineapp.d(17): Error: need `this` for `func` of type `@safe 
onlineapp.d(18): Error: need `this` for `func` of type `@safe 
onlineapp.d(12): Error: need `this` for `c` of type `@property 
onlineapp.d(13): Error: need `this` for `c` of type `@property 
int(int newc)`
onlineapp.d(20): Error: template instance `onlineapp.func!(c)` 
error instantiating

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