How to pass a class by (const) reference to C++

Jan Jan at
Sun Dec 12 21:24:39 UTC 2021

In D I have an extern(C++) class:

extern(C++) class A

     // other stuff

An a function that takes A by const reference:

void CppFunc(const A& arg);

But how do I bind this in D ?

extern(C++) void CppFunc(A arg); // tries to pass as 'A*'
extern(C++) void CppFunc(ref const(A) arg); // tries to pass as 
'A const * const &'

I have solved similar problems with other classes by declaring 
them as struct in D, but that only works for classes that have no 
virtual functions. I now have a class where I do need to use a 
class on the D side, and now I have problems passing these 
objects to C++.

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