How to pass a class by (const) reference to C++

Jan Jan at
Wed Dec 15 22:46:01 UTC 2021

On Wednesday, 15 December 2021 at 22:33:15 UTC, Tim wrote:
> I agree that __gshared should imply static. That's probably a 
> bug in the compiler.
> Using `extern` without `export` would only work with static 
> linking (on Windows). `export` without `extern` would be 
> exporting the variable for others, like `__declspec(dllexport)` 
> in C++. `export` and `extern` combined imports the variable, 
> like `__declspec(dllimport)`.

That's all very helpful, thanks for the explanations guys.

Btw. should I report this issue somewhere? Is far as I see this 
isn't logged yet:

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