Completing C code with D style

forkit forkit at
Sun Nov 14 04:29:53 UTC 2021

On Saturday, 13 November 2021 at 23:02:15 UTC, pascal111 wrote:
> I touch that D is big language, it's not small like standard C. 
> This will cost me much studying, so I think I need slow down 
> and learn it step by step.

Yes. C is so much smaller, and thus simpler (till you wanna do 
something complex)

But C also makes it 'simpler' to shoot yourself in the foot ;-)

Even with your simple C code, which is so easily tranposed to D, 
you already benefit from:

- variables being always initialised before use
(i.e no need to initalise i in your for loop, in D)

- array indices being automatically checked for out-of-bounds
(i.e. i < 10  ... in D.. it becomes.. numbers.length )

so you can make your simple code, even 'simpler' in D ;-)

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