Include .def definition file information for the linker into a .d source file

BoQsc vaidas.boqsc at
Wed Nov 24 17:06:21 UTC 2021

I'm not sure if I have sucessfully achieved something like this 
before or is it even possible right now, but there is a sample 
file that comes with DMD compiler: `D\dmd2\samples\d\winsamp.d`

**The problem:** `winsamp.d` have to be compiled with `.def` file.
/+ Compile with:
  +  dmd winsamp winsamp.def
  + or:
  +  dmd winsamp -L-Subsystem:Windows
  + 64 bit version:
  +  dmd -m64 winsamp -L-Subsystem:Windows user32.lib

This is how the `.def` file looks like


**The question:** Is there a way to include the `.def` file 
instructions inside `.d` file, so that there won't be a need for 
additional `.def` file when compiling. (`dmd winsamp`)

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