from bytes to string

Adam D Ruppe destructionator at
Sat Nov 27 15:29:45 UTC 2021

On Saturday, 27 November 2021 at 15:24:43 UTC, Coder wrote:
> Question, why a function can not be nothrow if I catch in the 
> body?

Ever play Pokemon? You can't just catch the cute Bulbasaur and 
call it done (even though the grass type is like playing on easy 
mode). You gotta catch 'em all!

> void foo() nothrow {
>     import std.utf : validate, UTFException;
>     try {
>         validate("a");
>     }
>     catch(Exception){ // make that Exception
>     }
> }

cuz nothrow doesn't know about specific exception types, it only 
looks at Exception as a whole. It doesn't actually know what 
validate throws.

All right, we gotta rap some pokemon like its 1998.


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