CMake and D

Jan Allersma janallersma at
Sat Aug 6 13:22:59 UTC 2022

On Thursday, 4 August 2022 at 20:59:50 UTC, Johan wrote:
> On Thursday, 4 August 2022 at 20:29:30 UTC, Jan Allersma wrote:
>> So something goes wrong with linking, but I dont know what.
> Execute `dmd -v` on some test program. It will output the 
> linker line at the end of the output, the line starting with 
> `cc yourcode.o -o yourcode ...`. On that linker line you will 
> see what libraries to add in your CMake script, such that when 
> linking the C++ program and D object files, it pulls in the 
> libraries that D expects (standard library).
> cheers,
>   Johan

Thanks Johan!
All I needed to do was to pass `phobos2` as argument for 

Now I am getting some errors on running:

double free or corruption (fasttop)
Afgebroken (geheugendump gemaakt)

But that is an issue about something completely different, I 
presume. Thanks for the help!

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