Verbosity in D

pascal111 judas.the.messiah.111 at
Mon Aug 8 00:11:33 UTC 2022

On Sunday, 7 August 2022 at 23:53:36 UTC, Emanuele Torre wrote:
> On Sunday, 7 August 2022 at 16:01:08 UTC, pascal111 wrote:
>> It's clear by working with D that it has the same bad point 
>> like Pascal language; the "verbosity". Is there any plans in 
>> future to make some shorthanded techniques that clean 
>> verbosity from D?
>> Quote: "In terms of functionality, Pascal is pretty much 
>> exactly the same as C, except with some sanity-conserving 
>> restrictions on one hand, and more verbose syntax on the 
>> other. It was an okay language for the time when it was 
>> popular, and I would give it kudos just for having the common 
>> sense to make the assignment operator := instead of =, and not 
>> allowing it to be chained, but verbosity back then was still 
>> something to be avoided if possible, so C was naturally seen 
>> as superior."
> Regaring this, I don't understand what you mean either.
> How is D unnecesarily verbose?
> Do you have any specific example?

I don't have specific code but it was a general notice. Take 
Python as in example, the same program in Python doesn't cost 
much code as D code, and of course by putting in accounts that 
that I assume that there are some special tasks D can do, while 
Python can't do.

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