Supporting Arabic in GUI

Emanuele Torre torreemanuele6 at
Mon Aug 8 00:12:07 UTC 2022

On Sunday, 7 August 2022 at 23:48:22 UTC, pascal111 wrote:
> I have no idea about GUI or Rad programming in D; it's not its 
> time, but I'm curious to know if D is fine supporting for 
> Arabic language in the GUI applications or we will have some 
> issues like I met - in my experience - in Free Pascal.
> This is a topic where we trying to make a custom message box 
> supporting Arabic as what's supposed to be, but we didn't reach 
> although that the degree we want:

I am very confused by this question.

That has nothing to do with the programming language: it has all 
to do with the GUI toolkit you use (lazarus in that case).

If you used lazarus with D instead of Pascal (if it is possible), 
you would have the same limitations in D.

If you use another GUI toolkit in D/Pascal (e.g. GTK3, Qt5, Tk, 
etc.), you will have the limitations of that toolkit, which may 
or may not support Arabic text.

Also I don't understand you saying "it's not its time"; there are 
plenty of GUI programs written in D. :/

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