std.algorithm.cmp is conflicting with itself.

realhet real_het at
Thu Aug 11 17:46:00 UTC 2022


I try to make an overload group of cmp() functions in my utility 
module but everything works well except when I import some 3rd 
party module that imports std.algorithm. Then I get an error:
C:\D\testCmpOverload.d(11,8): Error:
function `std.algorithm.comparison.cmp!(string, string).cmp` at
conflicts with
function `std.algorithm.comparison.cmp!(string, string).cmp` at 

It is conflicting with itself.
My question is that how to solve this without choosing a 
different identifier, other than 'cmp'?

Here's the utility module:
module testcmpmodule;

//publicly output these modules, like I did in my always used 
'utils' module.
public import std.algorithm, std.math, std.stdio;

import std.range, std.traits;

//create function overload group
public import std.algorithm : cmp;
public import std.math      : cmp;

auto cmp(A, B)(in A a, in B b)
if(!(isInputRange!A && isInputRange!B)          //exclude 
&& !(isFloatingPoint!A && isFloatingPoint!B))   //exclude 
   return a==b ? 0 : a<b ? -1 : 1; //last resort


The other module that publishes the utility module:
module testcmpmodule2;

public import std.algorithm, testcmpmodule, std.stdio;

void w(A...)(in A a){ writeln(a); }

The main module:
import testcmpmodule2;

void main(){
   w(cmp(.1, .2));   //std.math.cmp
   w(cmp("a", "b")); //std.algorithm.cmp   <- here's the error
   w(cmp(1, 2));     //my cmp

I have a project with 40K lines. And I don't even have to use 
public import in the 'second' module, like in this example, the 
error is happenning because something pulls it in.

My not so good solution was this:
alias cmp_ = cmp; //so wherever there is a conflict, I only have 
to put a _ symbol after the cmp, but that's still ugly.

To be more precise:
I have a het.math module where I implement math routines that are 
close to opengl.
That module does a log of patching of various std functions, 
mainly enable them to work on vector/matrix.
I also have a het.utils module which publicly imports het.math, 
and also many std modules.
And finally when I make an application using the complete 
framework, I lost the game finding what imports std.algorithm and 
thus ruining my fragile function overload groups.

Also I wonder why there is no cmp() function for integers in the 
std library?  It's easy to code (a-b   or   a==b?0:a<b?-1:1)  but 
still, I can do mistakes. (And I did: many of my comparisons had 
bugs :D So I wan't to centralize cmp())

Thank You in advance!

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